My RED Academy Journey

My RED Academy Journey!

Writing a blog is something I am used to, but I usually am shielded by talking about food, or drinks, or something funny that is going on, but this blog post is about my RED Academy Journey, and let you understand why I made this (to some of you it seems) sudden career change.

About seven years ago, I started college and went into a design program and about after two years, I graduated and went into the world of retail as a Visual Merchandising Management.  I was an Assistant retail manager, and I moved up the food chain fast, but I still felt that something was missing. I was tired all the time, I was not passionate, and I did not feel like my mind was being challenged. So, I talked to my partner, family and friends and they all helped me make up my mind that I need a change, and that change was going to school!

Here I am 7 years later, back at school. This time I am prepared focused and motivated to succeed. You might be wondering why I decided to go back to school and what I am going back to school for?

Welcome to Digital Marketing at RED Academy! My RED Academy Journey!

When I was thinking about what I should do in school, people kept asking me what are you interested in? Food and Social Media was always the answer. Social media, how do I make a career out of that? Marketing, Digital marketing!

Now, when I tell people I am taking Digital Marketing at RED Academy, I get a blank stare, or we play the 20 questions game:

What does that mean? What will you learn? Why Digital marketing? Isn’t that just social media?

This all means I will disappear for three months. Just Kidding! RED Academy is a 3-month program that develops the skills that I need for the wonderful world of technology. Also, I figure out how to transfer the skills I already have to the world of technology.

I am learning Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Analytics (GA), more in-depth knowledge on social media and paid ads. The list goes on and on. I will learn to use me how to track content that I create and use my design skills to connect digitally with every one of you.  My end goal of this program is to help you, and your businesses’ grow. Visually with content, or setting up tracking tools and understanding the data behind your online presence.

This new journey has only been three weeks so far, and I have nine weeks left to go. I will continue sharing the process along the way. My wishes are at the end of my RED Academy Journey is to have the skills and confidence. I want to help you grow your business in this age of digital media.  Whether it be analysing your business or creating content for you.

Feel free to explore my website, ask me questions. Follow me on Social Media to see where I have been and where I am going.

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