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eCommerce Client Porject

Ego Cognito is a social card game. The Ice-breaker Edition, as the name suggests, is a conversation starter. The cards contain meaningful questions, when answered aptly, the player can score ‘merits’. As the game progresses, it helps discover hidden thoughts or ideas not only about others but about yourself. Ego Cognito means self-aware. The game is instrumental in developing self-awareness through deep thinking. The questions on the cards are supposed to encourage one to think outside of the box. Ego Cognito can be played in groups of all sizes. The game is aimed at keeping conversations lively and thoughtful.

Throughout this project, I was responsible for both Social Media and SEO. A meeting was conducted with the Ego Cognito team, and the project team members to understand the goals of the company. To make recommendations that reflect the companies goals the team identify the areas of improvements an audit was completed and recorded to feedback. With each area of feedback, research was conducted with corresponding recommendations for the brand. Recommendations for Social Media included how to optimise social media profiles, organic content, hashtag research, grid development, engagement and scheduling tools and a proposed campaign.

For SEO, a technical, on-page and off-page recommendations where made and keyword research was conducted. Recommendations included image size optimisation, mobile-friendly optimisation, title tag and meta description suggestions, social share options, blog content keyword and title research, link building and guest blogging suggestions. All proposals were presented to the client and were left to their discretion to implement the researched recommendations for the company.

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Mobile App Client Project

Locelle is a women-only Application (App) for connecting like-minded professional women located in Vancouver or Victoria, BC. Locelle was founded by Humaira Ahmed in November 2017, and the App was officially launched in October 2018. The App is available for free download on the IOS App Store and the Google Play Store. In addition to the App, Locelle has a branded website and social media accounts. serves as the branded website for the App. The site is a platform to educate users about the App and to post content such as blogs and videos. It redirects users to both App stores to download the App, this is good because it encourages App downloads and reduces friction.
For this project, I was the team lead for Google Analytics and Paid Ads. To start this project, we had a meeting with the client with prepared questions to understand the brand and the companies marketing goals. With this information, we conducted an audit on the current marketing strategies and made recommendations with research to support each suggestion. A proposed campaign was also created to assist in the recommended marketing efforts of Locelle.

For Google Analytics suggestions and step by step’s were created on how to optimise the tracking of the marketing efforts being done online. Completion goals, reports and custom dashboards were recommended to track downloads, demographics, sources and time spent on the website. These metrics are essential for the client to measure as the brand has a particular target audience and to verify that Locelle is reaching the right demographic.

Paid Ads targeting, copy and images were recommended based on the demographics, life events and industry of the target personas. Ad campaigns were created for Instagram, Facebook, Google and App Stores. Each had similar targeting and keyword suggestions based on the brand. All proposals were presented to the client and were left to her discretion to implement the researched recommendations for the company.

Inbound Marketing Client

EveryDoor is a keyless access automation system for short-term rental businesses, taking tasks that take hours to complete to be able to accomplish in seconds. The software can connect with all smart locks and apartment intercoms and makes it easy to give your guests and cleaners access to your property with pin codes that are automatically cycled with each guest. EveryDoor web dashboard lets the property manager monitor check-ins and access logs of all the locks of all properties from one place and makes it easy to manage access to all your properties from one spot.

For EveryDoor, I was the Project Manager. My role and responsibilities for the EveryDoor client project were to communicate with the client and to assist the team where they needed help. For the inbound marketing project, the team and I completed a comprehensive audit of the current marketing efforts and made recommendations based on our research. We proposed a campaign with related content to the client. The team and I also created target persona’s and developed nurturing content strategies to bring each buyer through their journey pages, quality lead definition with landing pages, and paid promotional strategies with targeting and copy options. Organic social media and SEO recommendations were given with researched hashtags and keywords.

All suggestions were presented to the client and were left to their discretion to implement the researched recommendations for the company.

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