3 Reasons Why Creating Content Is Important

My entire life I have been creating. Creating messes, running around taking pictures, building something I had a vision of in my mind, you name it, I have tried to develop it at some point. I have taken this passion of mine and turned it into something more. Creating Content for others! You may wonder what a content creator does. They do a lot!

Content creation is the distribution of information through different media but mostly digital to a target viewer.

While a content creator is someone who is responsible for the communication and creation of information through various sources that targets a specific audience with a specific source. It can be physical or digital. But, I primary create digital content in the form of blog writing, photography and graphics.
Now, you might find yourself asking, why do I need a content creator for my business.

Here are My top 3 Reasons why!

1. Content is the core of your brand

Your web design, images, fonts and colours to make up a considerable part of your brand, but the content is what engages people and make them take action. It is hard to say don’t judge a book by its cover, but people do, and visual marketing is the first impression a viewer/ potential client sees. It tells the story that you want to communicate and make the permanent connection. Don’t worry, words are important too, but when you combine them both, it makes a perfect online marketing strategy.

2. Content will connect you to your target audience

Your website is your storefront, and your social media is your engagement. It is where your viewers go to get to know your brand, and it tells the right people what you can do for them. How do you do this? You create content that connects.

• Blog posts that can tell a story, and teach at the same time or explain your services at a personal level
• Visuals viewers want to look at and remember
• Put together it adds up to what you do and why you do it

3. Content Increases your traffic

What?! When you walk into a store, and you don’t like the way something looks, you leave, same goes for a website or social media profile. If the content on the page does not resonate with a view, they are most likely going to exit your page. Having content will keep the viewers on your site or profile and engage with your business. Likes, comments, shares OH MY! There are so many more ways to increase traffic to your website, but the content is, in my opinion, the most fun.

If you need more reasons why Content creation is essential, I can go on and on, and feel free to ask me and explore some content I have created and shared.

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